Planning & Research

Properly conducted market and competitive research and correct goal setting - the key to a successful project

Multi-level interviews

We set the KPIs at the beginning of the project and work with your customers' needs and their reaction to your product during the research. At the same time, we conduct multi-level interviews with employees and identify growth points.

Goal setting

Good design solves current business problems. The right design concept will achieve the desired performance. We study your audience and find something they will fall in love with.

Micro and macro tasks

We break down a large task into subtasks and achieve the highest possible efficiency at each stage. We have completed 70% of all our projects ahead of schedule.

Detailed briefing

We work out a lot of small details at the beginning, and it pays off when the results exceed your expectations at the end. We listen carefully and systematize information.


Day 1


An overview of your business and current website situation


Conducting interviews
with stakeholders

Team Lead: Product Designer

Day 2-5

Sector overview

Researching your industry
and gathering information about sector

Competitor analysis

Pinpointing your unique value proposition (UVP)

Team Lead: Product Designer

Day 5-7

Setting KPIs

A set of quantitative indicators to evaluate our performance

Task statement

Consolidation of information and distribution of tasks within the team

Team Lead: Project Manager

Let's work together

Tell us your business goals and we’ll see how we can create something amazing together

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