QA Testing

We are qualified to perform high stress projects. We perform stress tests prior to advertising campaigns or new feature releases.

Flexible arrangements

We have the resources and management skills to increase and quickly decrease our testing team at short notice in urgent situations, wisely adapting to the demands.

Extensive toolkit

Snipp engineers are familiar with the most important platforms and tools for manual and automated QA, performance and security, and select a technological set for each individual case that ensures complete and efficient test coverage.


Our QA specialists use workstations with multiple monitors PC, to run parallel tests under different configurations.


The final product, having passed our tests, is ready to receive a high traffic of visitors and will not let you down at the crucial moment.


Day 1


An overview of your business and current website situation


Conducting interviews
with stakeholders

Team Lead: Product Designer

Day 2-5

Sector overview

Researching your industry
and gathering information about sector

Competitor analysis

Pinpointing your unique value proposition (UVP)

Team Lead: Product Designer

Day 5-7

Setting KPIs

A set of quantitative indicators to evaluate our performance

Task statement

Consolidation of information and distribution of tasks within the team

Team Lead: Project Manager

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