Web animations

Animated sections and elements of the website create a WOW effect and visually convey information


We harmoniously integrate animations of any complexity into your user interface and help you tell an interesting story about your product. Visualization and interactivity are often the best things that can sell your product.


It's not enough to make an animation, it's important that it works everywhere and does not stand out negatively. We optimize animations for all browsers and all devices.


Unique and interactive animations increase the time users spend on a website, which in turn increases the conversion rate. We surprise with our solutions and users love to support it.

Generating interest

High-quality web animations encourage users to browse all pages of the site in search of something new. In most cases, users are more interested in interacting with the site than reading plain text.


Day 1


An overview of your business and current website situation


Conducting interviews
with stakeholders

Team Lead: Product Designer

Day 2-5

Sector overview

Researching your industry
and gathering information about sector

Competitor analysis

Pinpointing your unique value proposition (UVP)

Team Lead: Product Designer

Day 5-7

Setting KPIs

A set of quantitative indicators to evaluate our performance

Task statement

Consolidation of information and distribution of tasks within the team

Team Lead: Project Manager

Let's work together

Tell us your business goals and we’ll see how we can create something amazing together

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