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Building Bridges

Landing page for an online English language school from Mexico








Web design




10 days


Building Bridges is an online English language school. The school was founded in Spain and is aimed at an audience from Mexico. The main goal that the founders set was not to be like the others, but to take a modern approach to online education. The Building Bridges team gathered analytics, determined the age group of the customers and their needs, and hired Snipp to do the design.


Snipp's designers researched the market for online English schools in Mexico and began working on the concept. The metaphor for the future design was student workbooks, which can have drawings in the margins. The graphic designers drew 2 types of illustrations - famous places in the UK and characters that evoke positive emotions. Once a prototype of the future website was created, the design was handed over to the development team to write the code.

The results

The new design and identity of Building Bridges has been very well received by the audience, which has had a positive impact on conversion rates and time spent on the website. Following the launch of the new branding, Building Bridges' marketing department set up targeted ads and drove paid traffic. In the first month of advertising, the number of conversions per ad increased by 530% and the average time spent on the website increased from thirty seconds to four minutes, which is excellent for a one-page website. Building Bridges' new landing page is a real eye-catcher. It entices visitors to look at the stunning illustrations for a long time and leaves them with a lasting impression.

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